Judge sets new deadlines in court proceedings for Ohio man accused of US Capitol plot

A federal judge has set new deadlines in court proceedings for an Ohio man accused of plotting to attack the U.S. Capitol in support of Islamic State group extremists.

U.S. District Judge Sandra Beckwith recently ordered a Nov. 10 status conference. On Monday, she set deadlines for the two sides to disclose expert witnesses they plan to use in trial. The latest is Jan. 11, 2016, for government disclosure of expert rebuttal witnesses.

Twenty-one-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell, of western Cincinnati, has pleaded not guilty to four counts, including attempted murder of U.S. officials and employees. He has been held without bond since his Jan. 14 arrest.

The FBI has said he wanted to "wage jihad" by attacking the U.S. Capitol. His father says he was coerced by "a snitch."