Judge sentences last person charged in '16 shooting rampage

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The final person charged in a 2016 shooting rampage in Oklahoma that left two people dead and two police officers wounded has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Prosecutors accused Reginald Laday Moore of selling an AK-47 assault rifle to Michael Vance, who was accused of killing two people in Luther and leading police on a statewide manhunt that lasted a week.

Vance died in a gunbattle with Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers after he was shot at least 20 times .

The Oklahoman reports that Moore pleaded no contest to four counts of accessory to assault and battery with a deadly weapon and was sentenced Wednesday. Oklahoma County District Judge Amy Palumbo read through Moore's history of gang activity and gun sales when she announced his sentence.

"I'm not at all inclined to believe you will change your behavior if given the chance, whatsoever," Palumbo said to Moore. "You had 923 days (in jail) to come up with a better story than what you did. You failed miserably at that."

Prosecutors said Moore also helped Vance sell another AK-47 that Vance had used earlier. Moore said he had no idea Vance had already killed two people and that he followed Vance's commands because he was afraid he would be shot if he didn't comply.

"He looked like he would have killed anyone in his path, anyone that disagreed with what he wanted," Moore said. "I was just trying to disarm the guy. I didn't want him to shoot nobody, so I helped get rid of the gun."

Two others previously pleaded guilty to harboring Vance and giving him medical care when he was on the run.