Judge orders new trial for Denver man imprisoned for 28 years after another man confesses

A man imprisoned for 28 years after a woman said she dreamed that he raped her could be freed after a Denver judge overturned his conviction.

Denver District Judge Kandace Gerdes ordered a new trial for Clarence Moses-El, saying he would likely be acquitted after another man confessed to the crime.

Moses-El was convicted in 1988 of raping and assaulting a woman when she returned home from a night of drinking. He was sentenced to 48 years in prison.

His efforts to appeal were unsuccessful, in part because Denver police destroyed DNA evidence from the attack, despite a judge's order to preserve it.

In 2013, another man sent Moses-El a letter in prison confessing to the attack. That man testified in July that he had assaulted the woman.

The Denver district attorney's office declined to comment.