A Washington D.C. administrative law office was rocked by alleged judge-on-judge violence Thursday, in an incident sparked by a knock on an office door.

Joan Davenport, 63, was charged with misdemeanor simple assault on Sharon Goodie, according to The Washington Post. Davenport is free pending a May 17 hearing.

Goodie said she knocked on Davenport’s door to deliver files on March 31 when the door suddenly opened and “the defendant lunged” at her, aiming for Goodie’s neck. The lunge allegedly caused Goodie to fall “backwards with her arms flailing” and she “landed in a squat position against the wall in the hallway.”

Davenport told police she was speaking to a witness when someone began incessantly banging on her office door. After a period of time, Goodie “stomped in” with case files. After a brief argument, Davenport said Goodie threw down the files and began to yell she was being attacked.

Davenport could not be reached for comment Tuesday, according to the Post. The judges work in the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings and preside over cases for public benefits, rehab services and public works.