Judge delays state case against Alabama police officer charged in assault on Indian visitor

A judge is delaying action on a state assault charge against an Alabama police officer accused of injuring an Indian man during a violent confrontation earlier this year.

Limestone County District Judge Jeanne Anderson issued an order Tuesday postponing a hearing for 26-year-old Eric Sloan Parker.

Anderson ruled after prosecutors and the defense asked for a delay so a federal civil rights charge against Parker can be resolved.

The former Madison police officer is accused of using unreasonable force against a 57-year-old Indian grandfather in February.

Police video shows the man being thrown down face-first after officers stopped to talk to him in a suburban neighborhood. Sureshbhai Patel (suh-RESH'-beye pah-TEL') is still recovering from injuries including partial paralysis.

Parker is appealing his dismissal by the city of Madison.