Judge allows goodbye visit for Utah woman accused of leaving baby in trashcan to die

A judge is letting a Utah woman have a goodbye visit with her infant daughter, who authorities say survived after the woman left her in a trashcan to die.

Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills decided Monday that Alicia Englert will have one supervised 90-minute visit with the now 3-month-old child Dec. 15.

Prosecutor Robert Parrish says he opposed the visit because the 23-year-old Kearns woman never had a relationship with the child. The girl is being adopted by another family after Englert waived her parental rights.

Englert faces an attempted murder charge, and a review is expected to determine whether she's mentally competent to stand trial. Defense attorneys didn't immediately return messages Tuesday.

Prosecutors say Englert had the baby at home and left her in a trashcan Aug. 26.

The infant had hypothermia and other medical problems when she was found by a neighbor who thought she heard a purring cat.