Janitor Finds Motion-Activated Hidden Camera in Ohio YMCA Bathroom

It was fun to stay at the YMCA in Munson Township, Ohio, until someone placed a hidden camera in a hollowed-out air freshener in the men's room there.

Ohio police are looking for a hi-tech peeping tom after a janitor at the YMCA discovered a motion-activated digital camera in an out-of-place air freshener in the handicapped stall inside the men's locker room, Fox8News reported.

Detectives investigating the case say its an act of voyeurism, but could be worse still -- the Geauga County sheriff says there's a possibility the person who mounted the camera was trying to capture images of children who accompany their parents to the Y.

Members of the YMCA told Fox8News they're disturbed by the camera, and by the presence of whoever installed it in the men's room.

"There's weirdos all over the place, and I'm sure that it's some weirdo that did it," said member Bob Albrecht.

Technicians at the state crime lab are now trying to find out what images are on the camera, and if there are any fingerprints on it.

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