Israel at the U.N.: Russia Up to No Good in Syria?

Hurricane Joaquin has strengthened to a category 3 hurricane as it heads for the United States. Up to a foot of rain likely across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The storm could either target the Northeast or.. could move out to sea. Meantime, The Bahamas are beginning to feel the impact as I write this. We’ll be monitoring closely and have team Fox Extreme Weather Center. Douglas Kennedy also taking a look at hurricane proofing homes.

Russian airstrikes inside Syria, but they don’t appear to be targeting ISIS. That’s problematic for the U.S. and other Western nations. It appears Russia is trying to prop up dictator Bashir Assad. The U.S. and Russian militaries are expected to hold talks today.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks before the U.N. today at Noon. The Palestinians yesterday said they were no longer bound by the terms of the Oslo accords. Those two decade old accords paved the way for the peace process. Abbas says they have been violated consistently by the Israelis. We’ll see what Netanyahu has to say about that today.

Comments from California Congressman Kevin McCarthy getting him into some hot water. He suggested on Hannity that the Benghazi panel investigating Hillary Clinton was political, and had shaken her presidential campaign. Clinton says his comments are “deeply distressing.” McCarthy is the front runner to replace Speaker of the House John Boehner who resigned suddenly last week.

New batch of Hillary Clinton emails. There’s also apparently news that Russians tried to hack into Hillary’s email at least 5 times while she was Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton raised 28 million dollars in the past 3 months. Senator Bernie Sanders is close behind with more than 24 million. We’ve also learned Hillary Clinton is pushing hard to keep Joe Biden from entering the race against her. The first Dem debate is just two weeks away, and there’s some speculation Biden could skip the first debate.

A government shutdown was averted at the last minute. President Obama signing temporary funding of the government last night. The problem is a bigger fight is shaping up for December. The government runs out of money on December 11th. With the leadership of the GOP in the House in chaos.. it’s going to be an interesting couple of months.

China’s economy may be worse than first thought. A new read of manufacturing suggests China may not be able to meet even lowered economic expectations. Stocks in the U.S. are poised to go higher.

The Taliban is denying reports the Afghan military has retaken the city of Kunduz. Fighting is raging.

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