ISIS Punishes Kids' Kindness to Christians

The ISIS persecution of Christians has shifted one menacing degree further — to kids who showed compassion to members of the oppressed religion.

ISIS has “arrested, if not executed, some youths [five] in the city of Raqqa [in Syria] for befriending and greeting Christians on the occasion of Christmas,” Arabic media reported.

The youths simply greeted Christians for Christmas and now are facing the wrath of the Islamic State.

ISIS reported that the young people “are being detained after an investigation [including through their personal computers] found they greeted the Christians and wished them a Happy New Year.”

The genocide committed against Christians in the Middle East is becoming eerily similar to the tyranny deployed by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s, who punished even those showing kindness to the Jewish people.

One of the youths tried to defend himself, giving excuses for his kindness. But an ISIS terrorist bitingly replied: “Shut up! You accompany the Christians — is that not so?”

Unfortunately these five children were taken to an unknown location and it is unconfirmed what eventually happened to them. The tyranny of ISIS continues and even innocent children will not be spared their atrocities.

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