Injured biker's wife says motorcyclists portrayed as villains for altercation on NYC highway

The wife of a motorcycle rider injured when an SUV ran him over after a New York City highway altercation says he's the victim.

Dayana Mieses says her husband, Edwin Mieses, suffered broken legs and spine injuries and will be paralyzed.

The couple is from the Boston area. He was part of an unauthorized bike rally Sunday in Manhattan. Police say Mieses and a group of bikers clustered around the SUV. The driver took off, plowing through the crowd. Police say he was scared for his life.

Dayana Mieses says her husband was trying to help a fellow biker who was struck.

Police say the bikers chased the driver, ambushed his car and attacked him. The driver needed stitches. His wife and toddler were in the car but weren't injured.