Indiana woman, 26, reportedly vanishes from Texas airport

A 26-year-old Indiana woman reportedly remains unaccounted for after missing a plane last month in Texas. reports that Jeanne Rysiewicz, 26, spent three days in Fort Worth last month as her family celebrated her older sister’s wedding reception in northern Texas. As her family prepared to board a plane to return to Indiana on Sept. 16, Rysiewicz never got on, her father told the website.

“We were ready to board the plane and we looked around and Jeanne was still in line, she was like 2 or 3 people behind us,” Edward Rysiewicz said.

A Transportation Security Administration screener found her bag and dead cell phone outside the terminal where she was last seen the following day.

David Magana of the DFW International Airport said it appears that Rysiewicz had combined the contents of her two bags into one and left the other one behind.

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“There is no indication of foul play,” he said, adding that surveillance video shows Rysiewicz leaving the terminal by herself.

Rysiewicz — described as a bubbly young woman with two jobs — is 5 feet 5 inches tall with light brown hair and blue eyes. She was last seen wearing gray pants, brown shoes and a black jacket.

“We have to believe she’s OK,” Barb Rysiewicz said. “I believe she’s OK, we have to.  I have a lot of faith in God.”

Anyone with information regarding Rysiewicz’s whereabouts is asked to contact DFW Airport’s Department of Public Safety at (972) 973-3210.

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