Indiana pastor says burglars stole briefcase with his Bibles inside during church break-in

A Muncie pastor said thieves who broke into the church made off with his three personal Bibles, including one that had the funeral programs for his mother and father inside. Minister Aston Chambers Jr. discovered the break-in at Mount Zion Baptist Church on Friday night after taking some neighborhood youths to a high school football game.

The Star Press reported the church lost $10 in change meant for a building fund, some ornamental statues, a filing cabinet, a printer and Chambers' briefcase. The pastor's briefcase held the Bibles, his laptop computer and preaching materials.

Chambers said the three Bibles are all engraved with his name. He said he had his parents' funeral programs in one Bible for 20 years — one at each end.


Information from: The Star Press,