For the second time in two weeks, members of a church on the south side of Indianapolis have found their Jesus statue vandalized, giving it the appearance of being beheaded.

“It makes me sad that somebody would do something like that,” said Pastor Brad Flaskamp. “I was hoping it was just a random act to destroy it in the first place.”

That’s what the pastor and other members of Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship thought two weeks ago, the first time somebody broke the head off their concrete Jesus statue. The 5-year-old statue stands next to the front door of the church, which has stood in the 800 block of Cottage Avenue for roughly 100 years.

Two weeks ago, whoever caused the damage left the head sitting next to the statue. Church members were finally able to reattach the head on Saturday. But Sunday morning, it was broken off again. And whoever did it took the head with them.

“I can tell you that I don’t think it’s kids,” said Pastor Flaskamp. “It would have to be a kid that can wield a sledge hammer.”

Flaskamp and other church members don’t know quite what to make of the recurring damage. There’s no way to tell if it’s the work of somebody seeking a thrill, or somebody trying to send the church a message, or something else.