Indian man injured in Alabama police confrontation now in rehabilitation

An Indian man injured during a confrontation with Alabama police that was recorded on video is out of the hospital and in rehabilitation.

Sureshbhai Patel (suh-RESH'-beye pah-TEL') suffered injuries including partial paralysis when he was slammed face-first to the ground on Feb. 6. A lawyer for the 57-year-old Patel says he faces a long, uncertain recovery.

Attorney Hank Sherrod says Patel was transferred from a hospital to a rehabilitation center on Monday.

Officer Eric Parker of the north Alabama city of Madison was arrested last week on a charge of assaulting Patel, who was visiting relatives at the time. Parker pleaded not guilty Tuesday. He is being fired.

Patel has filed a lawsuit over his injuries.

Sherrod says donors have given more than $184,000 to pay medical expenses.