In Oklahoma, English-Only Law Faces Constitutional Challenge

An English-only law recently passed by Oklahoma voters is now being challenged for its constitutionality.

State Question 751 requires all official state communications to be in English or languages used by American Indians, except as otherwise required by federal law.

The suit alleges the law violates the right to free speech.

The responses to the new law have been mixed, Fox23 reports.

“If they want to stay here, they have to learn English,” says Hispanic immigrant Maria Diaz.

“I feel that they should cater to whatever language they’re speaking because they live here and pay taxes,” says another woman.

This legal question will be a high cost to the state and taxpayers to fight in court, depending on how long the case is in litigation. If it drags on for years with multiple appeals, experts think it could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, Fox23 reports.

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