California missing woman's husband planned murder-for-hire scheme targeting alleged boyfriend: witness

Maya Millete told family it was her husband if 'anything' happens

EXCLUSIVE: The plot in the desperate search to find a missing California mother of three just thickened.

A source tells Fox News that Maya Millete's husband suspected her of having a boyfriend -- and that's where the accusations against Larry Millete take an even darker turn. 

The witness who heard the conversations firsthand told Fox News exclusively that Larry Millete frequently discussed paying someone $20,000 to kill his missing wife's alleged boyfriend. 

Larry Millete "seemed pretty serious," the witness said, about the alleged murder-for-hire plot. 

(Maricris Drouaillet)

He allegedly started concocting the plan last summer, when he first suspected his wife was seeing someone else, but mentioned it as recently as Jan. 4, just a few days before Maya went missing. 

One of Maya Millete's family members said Larry Millete made threatening comments about the alleged boyfriend last summer, saying, "I want to do something to that fool."

Larry Millete did not respond to multiple questions from Fox News about the alleged murder-for-hire plot. 

Maya Millete, 39, went missing on Jan. 7, the same day that she scheduled an appointment with a divorce lawyer for the following week.

Maya Millete, 39, went missing on Jan. 7, the same day that she scheduled an appointment with a divorce lawyer for the following week. (Richard Drouaillet)


Despite the threats against Maya Millete's alleged boyfriend, the witness said he never feared for Maya's safety. 

But Maya told family members on a camping trip just days before she went missing, "If anything happened to me, it would be Larry."

(Maricris Drouaillet)

The witnesses talked to Fox News on the condition of anonymity because they fear for their safety. 

A Chula Vista Police Department spokesperson said they are aware of the alleged murder-for-hire plot and are investigating it along with other leads in the case.

The alleged boyfriend could not be reached for comment. 

Larry and Maya Millete allegedly had marital problems for at least a year before her disappearance on Jan. 7, which is the same day that she scheduled an appointment with a divorce lawyer for the following week. 

(Richard Drouaillet)


She was reported missing two days later.

Larry Millete also allegedly sent Maya's family bizarre texts throughout 2020, Maya's family said.

In September, he sent a picture that appears to show an altar with the couple covered in blood splatter and surrounded by candles, according to Little.

(Billy Little)

"He did some extreme s---," Maya’s brother-in-law Richard Drouaillet told Fox News.

Larry Millete did not respond to multiple questions about the picture of the altar. 

The Chula Vista Police Department served a search warrant at her home, where she was last seen, on Jan. 23. 

FOX 5 reported on Feb. 3 that Larry Millete retained an attorney and was no longer answering police questions. 

Maya Millete's family and friends have looked for her on a weekly basis since she went missing, most recently searching east Chula Vista on Saturday.

(Find May/Maya Millete)

Larry Millete has not assisted in any search over the last couple of months.

"We wish he was out here helping us," Richard Drouaillet, Maya's brother-in-law, told Fox News in early February. "Come and help us find your wife."


The Chula Vista Police Department, meanwhile, is continuing to investigate all potential leads. 

"This is an ongoing case, with detectives working on it continuously since day one," Eric Thunberg, a spokesperson for the CVPD, told Fox News Sunday.

"We have no suspects at this point but we certainly have people who remain crucial witnesses to her disappearance. We are in frequent communication with our regional partners about this case and are working to identify evidence, locate it, analyze it and follow where it leads."

Anyone with any information should call the CVPD at 619-691-5151 or Crime Stoppers at 888-580-8477.