California state authorities are investigating what appears to be hundreds of dental records found in an abandoned building, MyFoxLA.com reports.

According to MyFoxLA.com, police in Orange and the California State Dental Board are investigating claims by a woman – identified only as Alexis – who told the station that the files contain Social Security numbers and home addresses.

"These have their insurance information, Social Security number, dates of birth, driver's license numbers, copies of their driver's license, their addresses," she told Fox 11.

Alexis said some of the personal information – which seems ripe for identity thieves -- was scattered through a parking lot near the building.

Dozens of charts dating back to 1995 are visible through a broken window at the building, according to the station.

"On numerous occasions we've seen people jumping in and out of the window, so obviously they have access to this," Alexis said.

The building's broker told Fox 11 that a dentist named Patrick Le owns the property.  Le runs Orange Art of Dentistry, which is half mile away from the building, the station reported.

"Whether he used [the building] for storage or not, he should do a better job of locking it up," Alexis said.

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