Houston rapper, woman charged after allegedly shooting at homes, posting it on Snapchat

A Houston man and woman were charged Monday after viral Snapchat videos filmed last month showed the pair allegedly shooting randomly at buildings from a moving vehicle.

Michael Anthony Cuellar, 28, and Sierra Tarbutton, 27, were charged with “felony criminal mischief and deadly conduct” after authorities received Snapchat videos reportedly showing the pair shooting aimlessly at a Houston neighborhood while driving around on Sept. 26, Fox 26 reported.

Tarbutton was arrested Monday and Cuellar turned himself in on Tuesday, ABC 13 reported.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo did not say how the department obtained the video but said officers were “eager to find the suspects and make an arrest,” ABC 13 reported.


"People need to understand they were just shooting into the air, shooting at actual property," Acevedo told ABC 13.

The Harris County District Clerk’s Office told the Houston Chronicle that they identified the pair after “comparing the videos to social media platforms and law enforcement search engines.”

Tarbutton and Cuellar both have had “run-ins with the law,” the arrest warrant stated.

Cuellar, a rapper, who reportedly goes by “Money Mike,” is a known drug dealer, the arrest warrant stated. Tarbutton, who declared she knew cartel members, threatened a police officer’s daughters in the past, court documents stated.

“That is two cute little girls, those are going to be two cute little tombstones,” Tarbutton reportedly told the police officer, ABC 13 reported.


ABC 13 spoke briefly with Tarbutton and Cuellar on Tuesday.

"I love Houston and I have respect for HPD [Houston Police Department]," Cuellar told ABC 13. "All I gotta say, homie."

“We were drinking at the time and were riding around, shooting in the air," Tarbutton told ABC 13.

Her mother, Sonya Shumway, said it was all a misunderstanding.

"She's going through a rough patch and we'll take it one day at a time,” Shumway told ABC 13.