Hotelier's widow to be questioned about Indian maid who complained of mistreatment at mansion

A woman accused of cheating an Indian household servant out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in pay and keeping her a virtual prisoner at a New York mansion is set to be cross-examined as her federal trial winds down.

Annie George is due back on the stand Thursday after testifying Wednesday she didn't know Valsamma Mathai (vahl-SAH'-mah mah-TY') was in the United States illegally and didn't mistreat her during the 5 1/2 years she worked in her 20,000-square-foot home in Rexford, an Albany suburb.

Mathai testified earlier she worked long days without vacation, days off or sick time. The case surfaced when her son called the National Human Trafficking Resources Center in 2011.

George is the widow of a hotel developer. She's charged with harboring an illegal immigrant for financial gain.