Homeowner facing gun charge after shooting two who broke into residence

A North Carolina man was arrested Saturday and charged with weapons possession after he shot and wounded two intruders who broke into his home and announced a robbery, North Carolina police said.

Harold Williams, 42, was being held on a weapons possession charge following the shooting of two would-be robbers who entered Williams' Fayetteville home. Cops say Williams is a convicted felon who should not have been in possession of a gun.

WTVD-TV reported that Roy Lee Hawk, 27, and Martize Douglas, 23, forced their way into Williams’ home Friday night and demanded money and property.

The two men told Williams they were armed, but so was Williams. He pulled out a weapon and opened fire.

Cops found a wounded Hawk in the house. He was listed in critical condition after being treated by doctors at a local hospital.

Douglas had fled the house, and was arrested when he showed up at the hospital two hours later.

Both were charged with robbery, breaking and entering and felonious conspiracy, WRAL.com reported. The two men were on probation at the time of their arrests.

Williams’ home had been targeted by the two men, WRAL reported, citing investigators.