Historic house moves to new neighborhood after being sold for $1

A San Diego woman who sold her house for $1 watched the two-story, 11-ton structure loaded onto a semi-truck with hydraulic jacks and hauled away to a new neighborhood.

Anne Wilson tells the Union-Tribune newspaper that she'd planned to tear down the 1925 home in the Hillcrest area and build a bigger one. But after being quoted $10,000 to demolish the 800-square-foot structure, she considered the $1 offer from developer Garnell Fitz-Henley.

He tells the newspaper it makes more sense to reuse homes then tear them down because of all the materials that would just go into a landfill.

Fitz-Henley says he plans to move six old houses, including Wilson's old one, to a lot in Chula Vista, where he will rent them out.