Hikers find skeletal remains near Utah trail

Skeletal remains were found near a Utah hiking trail Sunday, police said.

Homeowners who live around the area were hiking near their property when they discovered a human skull, some bones and a piece of camouflage cloth in Deaf Smith Canyon, Fox 13 Salt Lake reported.

Unified police said the bones were found on the border of Cottonwood Heights and Forest Service Land. Police said it is unclear at this time how long the bones might have been laying near the hiking trail.

"You can't tell because of the extreme conditions that we have here in Utah, which can either speed up or delay decomposition," Unified police Lt. Brian Lohrke said.

Nearby residents told police that there are several closed mines in the area as well as private roads. The trails used to be populated with hikers, but the roads have restricted access, the station reported.

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