Hiker and dog save man trapped for days in hole on California mountain

A California man and his dog are being credited with saving a man who was trapped for days in a hole on a mountain.

Ramon Llamas says he and his dog, a mixed breed named Mole, were hiking as they often do on a trail in Riverside, Calif. when Mole suddenly stopped.

"He kept on tugging at my pant and whining, pulling me," Llamas told MyFoxLA.com.

Mole led Llamas to a hole about the size of a plate, and Llamas says when he looked in he saw eyes staring back. Llamas says he originally thought there was an animal trapped inside the hole, but then heard a voice calling softly for water.

Llamas called over other hikers, who called 911, and gave water bottles to the man until paramedics arrived. Llamas told MyFoxLA.com the man, who is believed to be homeless, told him his name was Paul and he had become trapped while looking for shade.

Officials say the man was hospitalized, but is expected to make a full recovery.

"He'd be dead if it wasn't for that dog," one paramedic told MyFoxLA.com.

Llamas says Mole's heroic actions haven't really sunk in yet.

"...It hasn't really hit me yet," Llamas said. "Although he is a tough, good dog."

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