Highlights of $1.2 trillion GOP spending bill

Republicans controlling the House are advancing a $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill to wrap up the unfinished 2011 spending bills they inherited from Democrats. The measure cuts $61 billion from the 2010 bills endorsed by President Barak Obama. Highlights include:

— Increases:

$8 billion increase, to $516 billion, for the Pentagon, 2 percent over 2010.

— Reductions:

$1.1 billion cut in spending for the Homeland Security Department, a 3 percent decrease from 2010.

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$3.8 billion cut to foreign aid and the State Department, 8 percent less than current levels and 21 percent below Obama's request. Aid to Israel, Egypt and Pakistan would not be cut, but the Peace Corps would be cut by 17 percent from 2010 levels.

$600 million cut to NASA, 3 percent.

$747 million cut, 10 percent, in food aid for low income pregnant women and women with children up to the age of 5.

$194 million cut from Congress' own budget, 4 percent.

$603 million cut from the IRS, 5 percent.

$152 million cut from Amtrak, 9 percent.

$23 million cut from the National Park Service, 1 percent.

$3 billion cut from the Environmental Protection Agency, 29 percent.

$241 million cut from the Food and Drug Administration, 10 percent.

$5.6 billion cut from Pell Grant for low-income college students, reducing the maximum Pell Grant by $845 to $5,550.

$1.1 billion cut from Title I grants to disadvantaged schools, 7 percent.

$1.1 billion cut from the Head Start programs for disadvantaged pre-school children, 15 percent.

$625 million cut from Social Security administrative costs, 5 percent.

— Program eliminations:

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting — rescinds $86 million in previously appropriated funds and denies new appropriations of about $500 million.

Federal family planning and teen pregnancy prevention grants — $528 million.

Corporation for National and Community service — $1.1 billion.

High-speed rail — $1 billion, plus a $2.5 billion rescission of stimulus funds.

Alternate engine for the F-35 fighter — $450 million.