High school wrestlers waterboarded freshman member, report says

Wrestlers at a Casper, Wyoming high school waterboarded a freshman member inside a locker room after a practice earlier this month, The Casper Star-Tribune reported.

The report did not name the victim or alleged attackers, but it painted a picture of an extreme hazing incident at Kelly Walsh High School.

The victim was reportedly invited into the locker room after being made fun of by fellow teammates, unnamed sources told the paper, according to Deadspin. The alleged victim refused to enter but eventually relented.

The victim reportedly entered the locker room and was “yanked” back and thrown on a bench,” the report, siting the unnamed source. “One kid held his legs, two other kids held his arms, they put a towel over his head and one kid said, “Let’s piss in his mouth.”

The Jan. 3 attack reportedly invovled at least three wrestlers.

The teammates reported poured water into the teen’s mouth, which was covered with a towel, until he began to choke, the report said. The attackers reportedly told the teen that he would be waterboarded again if he told anyone about the attack.

The Natrona County School District, told the paper that it implemented “disciplinary consequences” for those involved. The team’s wrestling coach reportedly told the family that he was sorry over the incident that “rocked your family so hard and completely changed your mind about the program.”

The report said the victim left the school.