High school basketball players beaten for 'Tebowing'

The rivalry between two South Carolina high schools boiled over after a basketball match, with two fans of the victorious side reportedly beaten up by opposition supporters for "Tebowing."

The Wando High School pair were attacked after their school had inflicted a 20-point defeat on West Ashley High in Charleston, during which they had copied the Denver Broncos quarterback's iconic prayer pose, The Post and Courier reported Saturday.

They were punched and kicked in a parking lot, to the point that one was left vomiting from being hit repeatedly in the stomach.

Lara Isaac, whose 17-year-old son was one of the victims, said the attack was a reprisal for the pair "Tebowing."

"They were scared for their lives," she said. "No one was manning the exits to make sure this wouldn't happen. The kids who did this apparently knew that."

The incident continues a history of bad blood between the schools. Last year a Wando parent punched a West Ashley teacher after a varsity game.

A Charleston County School District spokesman said security had been beefed up for the clash and Richard Luden, West Ashley High's athletic director, said, "I don't know why it rears its head during these basketball games. I felt we did everything on our end of it."

The two schools will face off again on Jan. 27 at Wando's Mt. Pleasant campus.