Hey Idiots, Arlington National Cemetery Wants You to Stop Playing Pokmon Go on the Tombs of Fallen Veterans

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Sometimes you wish that cell towers would just stop working for a while…

As Pokémon Go fever captures the hearts, minds and data plans of the nation, the following tweet was sent out from the Arlington National Cemetery's official account:

Just to recap, Arlington National Cemetery is where 400,000 veterans, including over 300 Medal of Honor recipients, have been laid to rest after serving our country. It is the place where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier stands, dedicated to service members who died without having their remains identified, and is the site of The Eternal Flame, which marks the grave of assassinated President John F. Kennedy. So knowing all of that, if Arlington National Cemetery still seems like a suitable place to play a child’s game on your phone, might we suggest you also run off and play it in an area with more cliffs?

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