Hawaii university student recalls watching friend's fatal fall while trying to stop a suicide

The University of Hawaii sophomore who lived in a 14th-floor campus apartment where a man fell to his death from a window ledge says he watched him and another man plummet to the ground.

Twenty-four-year-old Thomas Bennett was pronounced dead at a hospital. Police say he tried to stop a 19-year-old man from jumping. The 19-year-old remains hospitalized.

Ted Guillory had a party at his apartment Saturday night. He says the 19-year-old exited a window onto a ledge outside Guillory's bedroom because he was upset.

Guillory recalled Friday how Bennett went on the ledge in an attempt to calm him down and bring him inside. Guillory says a glass panel the two were holding shattered, and they fell.

Bennett and the 19-year-old were guests at the party, but not university students.