Harvey the hurricane hawk rides out storm with Houston family

As Hurricane Harvey tore into Texas, residents looking for a bit of levity tuned in to check out Harvey the Hawk – the unofficial mascot of the massive storm.

Houston cab driver William Bruso said he was out stocking up on supplies ahead of the hurricane on Friday. When he came back to his car, a Coopers hawk was sitting in the passenger seat. Bruso says he tried to shoo Harvey away but that the bird refused to leave.

So naturally, Bruso brought him home to ride out the storm with him and his family and provided eight hawk updates via Youtube.

Video was uploaded of Harvey spending the night with Bruso, checking out news alerts, eating snacks and posing in front of a row of liquor bottles.

“He’s just kind of hunkered down with us… just being a hawk,” Brusco said. “Someone said that his droopy wings might be a sign of sickness but he’s eating.”

Bruso said he had offered Harvey some raw chicken hearts as well as a bowl of water.

The party was over Saturday night though.

Bruso reached out to the Texas Wildlife Rescue Center who came and took Harvey away.

“You’re going bye-bye buddy,” Bruso said.