Gun shop owner, son killed over $25 firearm repair fee, sheriff says

A Mississippi gun shop owner and his 17-year-old son were shot and killed Saturday during an altercation with two customers, WLOX reported.

Jason McLemore, 44, who owned McLemore Gun Shop, and his 17-year old son Jacob, were killed after a disagreement with two customers, Pearl River County Sheriff David Allison told the station. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Authorities say that Audy McCool, 52, and his son, Michael McCool, 29, went to the gun shop to pick up a weapon Saturday afternoon. The men were told the gun had not yet been repaired, and one of the men reportedly became angry that he had paid a $25 service charge but did not yet receive his firearm.

Jason McLemore’s wife reportedly witnessed the encounter, and called her husband and son in an effort to keep the incident from escalating.

"During this argument, we believe there might have been some pushing and shoving," Chief Deputy Shane Tucker said, the Sun Herald reported. "One of the customers and one of the owners produced firearms. We don't know who shot first."

Jason McLemore reportedly had an unholstered 9-mm. handgun by his side when he was shot.

Michael McCool is the alleged shooter, according to WLOX, which cited authorities, and is suspected of shooting both victims using a 40-caliber pistol. No charges have yet been filed.

According to WLOX, the elder McCool was found bleeding from a wound to his back when law enforcement authorities arrived, and the younger McCool was in the intensive care unit at a New Orleans hospital.

The shooting is still under investigation.