Great White Shark Spotted Off Massachusetts Coast

A great white shark was spotted off the Massachusetts coast by a group of men fishing for tuna, reported.

Captain Bruce Sweet, who was fishing with his son and a few friends, was shocked when he noticed some movement near his bait and "the whole front of the shark came out of the water."

He described spotting the seven-foot beast as an "experience of a lifetime."

Sweet and his crew managed to tag the shark and sent him on his way, but not before getting some video of it. A local shark expert who saw the images confirmed the animal was, in fact, a great white.

Beachgoers did not seem too concerned about the sighting, which happened a fair distance away from the coast.

"Until I hear something really close to the shores, or anything of that nature … I'm not too worried about it,” said fisherman Andrew White.

"They don't bother us; we are not on their menu," said one beachgoer.

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