Grandmother Arrested After Slapping Granddaughter for Cursing at Her

Florida -- reports that Theresa Collier, a 73-year-old grandmother was arrested last week for slapping her 18-year-old granddaughter who was swearing at her.

Collier says she allowed her 18-year-old granddaughter, Felicia Collier, who had just gotten kicked out of Catholic school and is now enrolled in online classes, to use her computer to do homework. Felicia was kicked out for cursing at a nun, explained Collier.

Felicia did not want to obey her grandmother’s direction to complete her assignments.

"She kept repeating the F-word to me, about the whole family.  She just went on and on and I just got so upset, I got up and slapped her across the face," she told 10 Connects, "She grabbed my wrists and I couldn't get out of it and she let one go and she punched me in the cheek here."

The unruly teenager then called the police who arrived at the house and arrested her grandmother.

"If an officer on scene finds probable cause to arrest a person, because they've committed domestic battery, then our policy is a mandatory arrest of that person," said Lt. Loux, "The discretion does not come because the victim does not want to prosecute.  It doesn't come because the victim has remorse for calling police."

Felicia was in court on Wednesday for her grandmother. She signed a form to not prosecute her grandmother and to allow contact with her. However, it seems that Theresa and her husband do not want any contact with their grandchild. They are not speaking to Felicia.

Collier has to wait for her next day in court to find out if prosecutors will pursue the battery charge against her.

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