A former girlfriend says a Georgia-based soldier on trial for murder told her that he was expecting "lots of money" just hours before his pregnant wife was found dead.

The court-martial of Pvt. Isaac Aguigui (AH-gee-gee) entered its second day Tuesday at Fort Stewart. Jessica Thacker says she and Aguigui struck up a romance in 2010 while he was training in Arizona.

She testified they were still close a year later when his wife, Sgt. Deirdre Aguigui, was found dead July 17, 2011. Prosecutors say he received $500,000 in life insurance and benefit payments.

Thacker says Aguigui sent her a text message saying "he was coming into a lot of money and I would never have to work again."

She told defense attorneys Aguigui never said he was referring to his wife's insurance.