Girl hides in closet, sends mom texts after burglar breaks in

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When a burglary suspect burst into a home in California Tuesday, reportedly carrying a rifle, an 11-year-old girl was forced to hide in an upstairs closet and send panicked texts to her mom.

The girl was home alone at the time, Fox 5 reported. Her mother said some of the texts read:

“Someone is robbing the house.”

“Has a gun.”

“Call 911 please.”

“I’m in my closet. Help.”

The girl's mother, who was at work, quickly called for help. “Mom did the right thing,” police Lt. Ed Varso told The San Diego Union-Tribune.

Still, by the time police arrived at the house in Escondido, they said the suspect was gone. Investigators said the man ransacked a few rooms in the home, but did not say exactly what he may have stolen.

The suspect was about 6 feet tall with a buzz cut and saggy jeans, police said. He reportedly took off in a dark-colored pickup truck with a chrome toolbox in the cargo bed.

There was no indication the girl was hurt. Investigators did not name the suspect or the family.

The suspect apparently got in the garage through an unlocked door, then broke into the house through a locked door, Varso added.

Escondido is about 30 miles north of San Diego.

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