Girl, 6, Removed From Cheerleading Team After Parents Object to 'Booty' Cheer

A Michigan couple is crying unsportsmanlike conduct after their 6-year-old daughter was removed from a flag football cheerleading team because they complained that one of the team's chants was too risque.

Jennifer and Duane Tesch, of Madison Heights, say their daughter, Kennedy, was unanimously voted off of the Madison Heights Wolverines flag football cheerleading team during a team meeting Tuesday night. The meeting was held to discuss concerns the Tesches voiced last month regarding one of the team's cheers:

"Our backs ache, our skirts are too tight, we shake our booties from left to right."
But instead of seeing their concerns with the cheer resolved, the Tesches saw their little girl booted from the team.

"I don't even have the words," Jennifer Tesch told "I can't believe their solution to this was to remove my daughter from the team. She's going to be devastated. She's going to be crying."

The Tesches said Kennedy was asleep when they returned home from the meeting Tuesday night, so she has yet to learn she's off the squad.

"She's been sick today, so we haven't had a chance to tell her," said Duane Tesch. "She will take it bad."

He said he was surprised that the team meeting took an abrupt turn.

"This meeting was supposed to be about keeping this cheer or not, and all of a sudden it turned into getting rid of us," he said.

He said the parent of another cheerleader suggested that Kennedy be removed from the team while the matter was being resolved, and another parent seconded the motion. Kennedy was then voted off the team, Tesch said.

The Tesches said they were told they would receive a refund for the $125 team uniform and that Kennedy would be allowed to try out again next year. But they won't be holding their breath, they told

"We're probably going to look to get her into gymnastics," Duane Tesch said.

Calls to a team official and other parents were not immediately returned on Wednesday.