Girl, 11, scares off home intruder with shotgun

A shotgun-toting, 11-year-old Michigan girl scared away an intruder Friday after he tried to gain entry into her house while she was home alone, reported.

"The 12-gauge shotgun is her weapon," Lapeer County Sheriff Detective Sgt. Jason Parks told the paper. "She and her father are into hunting and avid sportsmen. She was familiar with that weapon."

The girl, who was not identified, hid in a bedroom closet with the shotgun during the incident. One of the burglars, while making his way around the house, reportedly entered the bedroom and opened the closet door. He saw the girl with the shotgun trained directly at him.

He didn’t ask questions, and took off.

"She was able to defend herself from an intruder and be able to resolve an event even most adults would be taken aback by," Parks told the paper.

Authorities, who believe the break-in is linked to dozens of others in the area, reportedly arrested James Wasson, 53, and Rhonda Steward, 31, shortly after the incident. The two were charged with first-degree home invasion and other charges.