Controversy surrounding a newly released app originally called "Ghetto Tracker" prompted its name to be changed to "Good Part of Town," MyFoxPhilly.com reported.

Still, critics call the app racist and 'classist,' saying it's a way for the rich to avoid the poor, the report said. Users rate the safety of a given part of a city or town. The app does not use data like mugging statistics or murder rates. It's based on users' input.

Critics say that's a problem because it is based solely on peoples' prejudices.

In addition to the name change, the word "ghetto" has been removed from the app and the company's website. Also, after the re-launch, the creator swapped out the pictures on the website of a white family to include more ethnically diverse families, the report said.

The Twitter and Facebook accounts for "ghetto tracker" have also been deleted.

The website's creator would only identify himself as a man who is "30-something and based in Tallahassee, Fla."

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