A stranger’s simple act of kindness made all the difference to a woman whose car broke down, according to a report.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports on the Dunwoody Police Department’s heartwarming Facebook post which tells what happened after an officer found a car stranded on a road.

“The vehicle’s front axle was broke and the driver could not afford a tow truck to get it removed,” the post says. “While trying to figure out how to save her some money a random stranger walked up to her and handed her a $100 bill which covered the majority of the fee.”

The post concludes: “This was one of the best random acts of kindness I’ve ever seen! #dunwoody #kindness.”

One person who commented on the post identified herself as the woman who broke down.

“It truly restored my faith after having officer M. Cheek and the wonderful stranger to help me out!” the person wrote. “I needed it more than ever in that moment. I’m still crying my eyes out I can’t thank them enough.”

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