A man apparently trying to hide from police in Florida Wednesday jumped into a lake, where an alligator promptly bit off his arm, FOX13 reported.

Jessie Scott Kingsinger, 21, was found lying on the ground with most of his left forearm eaten. He had multiple surgeries – and may lose even more of the arm – but Kingsinger was expected to survive, his mother told FOX13.

Police initially received a report of a disturbance between Kingsinger and his mom at a Long Lake Circle apartment. When authorities arrived, Kingsinger had already run off and his mom told police her son was having a PTSD-related “episode.”

A sign posted near Polk County lake alerts people to the presence of gators: “Caution! Alligators frequent this area!”

Kingsinger doesn’t face any charges but will undergo a psychological examination, police say.

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