In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Bryan Elliott of Behind the Brand speaks with self-made multi-faceted entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk about self-awareness, and why he's so obsessed with "the hustle."

"Memorizing information is not good advice anymore," he says of this day and age of information at everyone's fingertips. "So what is controllable? Well, work three hours more a day -- if you're sitting at home and complaining."

Vaynerchuk says that "however you roll," if you're watching this video right now and you're pumped -- that's all that matters.

"If you're watching this on your laptop at home right now, and you're not pumped -- the one thing I know everybody can do is watch a little less House of Cards, it's go to the bar a little less times with their buddies, don't play f*#&$#*^# Candy Crush... That is why I'm obsessed with hustle. It's the one variable that everyone can control."

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