Friend of Marine jailed in Mexico says he is growing increasingly 'despondent'

A friend who served with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in Afghanistan said the Marine’s mother is working with American officials to secure him a new lawyer after the family fired a second attorney last week, and that Tahmooressi is growing increasingly “despondent” behind bars.

Tahmooressi has been held in a Mexican prison since March 31 after making a wrong turn into the country with three guns in his truck. Last week, Tahmooressi fired the second of two attorneys he has hired since being in prison.

Bartholomew said on “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” he spoke with Tahmooressi’s mother Jill, who confirmed the second lawyer had been fired. He said there was a disagreement in strategy with the new legal team; specifically that the lawyer knew very little about PTSD.

Bartholomew said the attorney did not want to “lean on” PTSD in Tahmooressi’s defense, even though Tahmooressi suffers from it. He said the Marine’s mother is now working with U.S. officials to help find a new lawyer.

“(Jill Tahmooressi) actually just met recently with consulate general Erickson and they are all working together to put together a new legal team for Andrew. She’s been interviewing new attorneys since Wednesday,” he said.

Bartholomew said the Marine’s mother also told him that Tahmooressi’s morale sinking lower and lower as he continues to languish in jail.

“Unfortunately he is becoming fairly despondent about the issue, but nevertheless, it’s inherent in his character he’s holding it together, and he is obviously hopeful for a favorable outcome,” he said. “So I mean, he knows that on the American side we are doing all we can to raise awareness for him and to raise public support.”