Four years later, Minnesota man gets back hunting jacket and $1,700 inside

After nearly four years, a Minnesota hunter got his hunting jacket, wallet and $1,700 back from another man who had no idea that identification was inside the jacket all this time.

Owen Schipnewski accidentally left his jacket behind during a 2009 goose hunting trip at the Lac qui Parle Wildlife Management Area in northern Minnesota, The West Central Tribune reported.

Enter Trent Jorgenson. Jorgenson says he is not much of a hunter, but he found the jacket alongside a road and tossed it into the back of his pick-up truck, the report said. He said he never bothered to look to see the contents.


Years passed, and a group of friends invited Jorgenson on another hunting trip, the report said. He needed a waterproof jacket and remembered the one he found alongside the road. He was set to put it in the laundry and decided to inspect its contents, the report said. He stuck his hand inside the jacket’s interior pocket and found Schipnewski's driver’s license, credit cards $20 bills and $100 bills. He called a few numbers to finally be connected to the jacket's owner.

When his friends asked him if he was tempted to keep the cash, he said, "bad karma," the report said. "I felt good about it," Jorgenson said. "Made my day probably as much as his."

Despite a protest, Schipnewski left Jorgenson cash to buy a waterproof jacket of his own.

"It says there's still good people in the world," Schipnewski said.

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