Four more planes report spotting lasers over New York, New Jersey

Four more planes reportedly spotted lasers several thousand feet in the air over New York and New Tuesday night, bringing the total to 20 similar incidents in the last week.

Two planes west of Warwick, NY, an American flight 20 miles south of Newark and a Spirit Airlines plane 20 miles southwest of LaGuardia reported being illuminated by lasers, the Federal Aviation Administration confirmed to Fox News. The FAA notified law enforcement and is investigating.

Pointing a laser at a plane is a federal crime. The light can be disorienting for pilots approaching an airport. The number of reported laser incidents was up to nearly 2,000 through May 15, a record pace.

Pilots of 12 different planes reported laser sightings on Wednesday and four more pilots reported sightings on Thursday over New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Fox News Channel's Laura Ingle contributed to this report