Four Months Later, Unconscious 'Jane Doe' Remains in Philly Hospital

For the past four months, police and hospital officials in Philadelphia have been relentlessly searching for any clues to help identify a woman who has been hospitalized and unconscious since August.

“Jane Doe,” described as either white or Hispanic, 5-foot-5 and 140 to 150 pounds, probably in her 30's or 40's, with salt-and-pepper hair has been on life support in the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania since August 13, with no leads on who she is or where she is from.

Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department is handling the case and told Fox News the medic unit first responded and found "Jane Doe" unconscious on the side of the street in the Kensington section of the city near the intersection of Somerset Street and Kensington Avenue.

“It is an unfortunate situation. No one was in the area at the time and no one has since come forward to say that they witnessed anything.” Walker said.

The incident does not seem crime related. “There were no signs at all of blunt trauma and as of right now it has been determined that she suffered a massive heart attack,” Walker told Fox News.

The woman has tattoos that say, “David,” “Dave,” and "Bruce" with a heart.

Police are hoping that someone will recognize her by either her picture, or by the tattoos.

There are no tips or clues given to police and no one has come forward yet to say that they may know the woman.

"Jane Doe" is in a persistent vegetative state where she sleeps at night, is awake during the day, and reacts to pain but she does not respond to commands or movements. Her only movement is when she opens and closes her eyes, but hospital officials say there is no pattern to these movements. She has little brain activity and most likely will not recover cognitive function.

“Right now the most important thing is that she is taken care of medically, but we are working hard to find anyone -- a family member, or someone that may know this unidentified person,” Walker said.

The hospital reached out to police to help with public outreach, hoping to find someone who knows "Jane Doe."

The cost of care to date is over a quarter million dollars that Penn has so far absorbed. Each day of care costs about $2,000, which the hospital will continue to fund.

She also could be transferred to a long-term care facility if it is capable of dealing with the tube in her neck that helps to humidify her throat.

However, there is an obstacle in the way of this transfer. Homes such as these require a guarantee payment, which requires a Social Security number, which essentially requires a name.

A representative from the hospital told Fox News that they are unable to comment any more on this case or any case pertaining to unidentified persons on life support due to health care privacy laws.

If you know anything, please come forward and call Philadelphia East Detectives at 215-686-3244.'s Meghan Baker and MyFoxPhilly contributed to this report.