Former informant testifies that a different man admitted decades ago he molested Etan Patz

A former jailhouse informant has testified that someone other than the man on trial for Etan Patz's murder admitted decades ago to kidnapping and molesting him.

Jeffrey Rothschild is testifying for the defense representing Pedro Hernandez, who confessed to killing the boy in 1979.

But Rothschild says another man, convicted pedophile Jose Ramos, admitted molesting the boy. Ramos was never charged in Etan's disappearance, but he was considered the prime suspect for decades. Rothschild says Ramos recounted in horrifying detail how he molested Etan and other boys.

Hernandez's lawyers say their client falsely confessed. They suggest Ramos is the real killer.

Ramos never admitted killing Etan. Rothschild met Ramos when they were both at a prison in New York and agreed to help prosecutors by trying to get a confession.