Florida police believe Spring break visitor may be in danger

Florida police are trying to identify a female who was seen on photos posted to social media with nothing but bead necklaces around her neck as she is surrounded by a group of shirtless men.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office in Panama City, Fla., did not know when or where the picture was taken. However, they suspect the female is underage and possibly in distress.

Bay County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Ruth Corley said police want to identify the female to check that she is safe and to determine whether the photo police obtained was taken consensually.

"She's not in any trouble," Corley told FoxNews.com. "We just want to make sure she's not being victimized."

"She could possibly be an adult woman who is very tiny but she just looks so underage," she said.

Corley said authorities are following up on leads Friday but have no information yet confirming her identity.

Authorities were alerted after the photos were posted on Twitter March 11 under the hashtag #pcb2k15, according to Corley. The photos, which have since been taken down, show a completely naked female dancing promiscuously near the Gulf of Mexico.

In one photo, the female in question is bending over at the water's edge, according to Corley. In another, a crowd of shirtless men are seen pulling at the beaded necklaces around her neck.

"She’s got a lot of beads around her neck and then there's this reaching over and pulling the beads up so people can see her chest," Corley noted.

"She looks way too young to be there -- she comes up to the chest of the men around her," she said. "We just want to make sure that she's OK. We’re not looking to get her in trouble."

Corley said it's not clear when the photos were taken.

Anyone with information on the female's identity is urged to call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 850-747-4700.

FoxNews.com's Cristina Corbin contributed to this report. 

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