Florida mom of 4 chases down burglars, demands apology

A Florida mother of four chased two burglars out of her home, followed them in her car and demanded an apology.

Sherry Wegley's house was broken into last December, and when she saw her front door open and unlocked again Sunday, she was angry, MyFoxTampaBay.com reported.

Wegley's son heard glass shattering and she saw two suspects running from behind her house and down the road.

According to MyFoxTampaBay.com, Wegley told a neighbor to call the police, gathered her children, jumped in the car and followed the pair.

"Just the point that you get violated like this, I was like 'No, I'm going after them,'" Wegley said.

Wegley reportedly followed the suspects for a mile, yelling at them.

"I said I want to reprimand you and you need to get back and clean up the glass, apologize for what you've done, and I won't press charges," she told MyFoxTampaBay.com.

Police arrested two brothers, 15 and 16, and charged them with burglary.

Wegley said she has no regrets and would do the same thing if it happened again.

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