A Florida mother complained to her son's school after a Hooters waitress was invited to speak to the students there about her job, The St. Petersburg Times reported Saturday.

Brittany Morgan, 23, addressed students Thursday at the Calvin A. Hunsinger School for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities in Clearwater, Fla.

She reportedly wore a sweater and sweatpants rather than her Hooters uniform, and discussed tipping, looking presentable at work and Hooters' charity work.

Ashley Dominicci, whose son is in sixth grade at the school, said the presentation sent "the wrong message" to kids.

"I feel like we're telling [the students] that you're the bad kids, and this is all you'll be in life," she explained.

In her complaint to school principal Stephanie Bessette, Dominicci referenced a recent incident in which former porn star Sasha Grey was invited to read to students at a California elementary school, prompting complaints from some parents.

"I'm not knocking waitresses. They're very hard-working," Dominicci said. "My point is, these kids should have higher goals."

Bessette said in an email response to Dominicci that some women work as waitresses to pay for college, and teachers often work service jobs to supplement their incomes.

"Working as a waiter or waitress in order to achieve higher goals should be commended," she wrote.

Morgan was invited to the school as part of The Great American Teach-In, an annual event during which adults talk to students about their careers and hobbies.

Other speakers at this year's event included a Toyota employee, a machinist and three Calvin A. Hunsinger School teachers.