Florida man shot by his dog happy to return to work

A Florida man shot by his dog during a hunting trip is happy to be back at work after a long absence.

Billy Brown was hunting with his dog Eli in December when “a deer ran across the road,” he told myfoxtampabay.com. Seeing the deer, Eli went crazy in the cab of Brown's truck.

"He jumped on the safety and the trigger at the same time, and the gun went off," Brown explained.

Brown says it then took him a few seconds to realize he'd been shot.

"There was blood everywhere," he recalled.

And that's when he realized he was in serious trouble, according to Fox 13 News. Brown was not about to laugh about being accidentally shot by his dog. An ambulance was unable to reach him in the woods; fog made it impossible for rescue helicopters to fly.

"They wound up putting me on a board and putting me in the back of a pickup," Brown said. "I heard one of the surgeons say, 'I'm surprised they got him here alive.'"

Brown said he lost a lot of blood. He's back to work, but still nursing his badly damaged right leg.

Brown recently went hunting with his grandsons. Eli stayed home.

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