Florida man charged with killing parrot during fight with girlfriend

Gainesville police say a 29-year-old man slammed his 5-month-old parrot to the floor during an argument with his girlfriend.

The Gainesville Sun reports that Luis Enrique Quinones told police he threw the parrot so he wouldn't hit his girlfriend. Police arrested Quinones and his girlfriend, 29-year-old Myres Luanny Thomas on Thursday.

Police say Quinones was upset after Thomas told him she had a beer at work. As they argued, Thomas told him to leave and started throwing his stuff out the door.

That's when police say Quinones grabbed the parrot from its cage and slammed it into the tile floor. The parrot died immediately. Thomas punched Quinones in the face and threw a vase at him.

Quinones was charged with animal cruelty, Thomas with assault and battery.